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KALAMAZOO, MI – Construction continues at the future site of Arcadia Brewing Company in Kalamazoo. New details continue to be unveiled by Arcadia President, Tim Suprise, as the opening date approaches and the focus shifts from remedying delays to progress.

The menu at Arcadia West will be ever-changing because the hand-cut, house-smoked meats that make up the bulk of the menu will be fresh, locally sourced, hand cut, and made to order. The major components of the menu will be smoked meats and fish.

The all wood-fired smoke house will be used to serve up traditional American barbeque favorites as well as some unconventional dishes. Drawing inspiration from Middle Eastern and South American cuisine and utilizing Berber and Turkish inspired spice rubs will give Arcadia West’s menu a distinctive quality. Rare offerings like beef tongue and cheek will allow patrons to try something they’ve likely never had before.

Fish selections will include blue fish, cod, oysters and tuna, which will arrive regularly from Maine. Michigan whitefish and other house-cured meats like ham, pastrami, corned beef, sausage, salami and prosciutto will also have a presence on the menu. The practice of cold-smoking a substantial portion of the seafood/charcuterie offerings will give the fresh catches and house-cured a truly unique and one- of-a-kind flavor.

A counter service-style food delivery will allow customers to see the food before they make their purchase. When patrons walk in, the day’s menu will be on display. They will then be able to specify the meat, cut, and quantity they’d like. Each meal will be made to order.

Beer drinkers and diners will sit together with ease. Communal seating at long tables, reminiscent of a German beer hall, will create a conversation-friendly environment that is ideal for group seating. Despite the absence of typical servers, you won’t be neglected once you’re seated. Beer specialists will work the tavern and eatery areas, with the sole purpose of serving beverages. Each specialist will have an extensive knowledge of beverage styles, the brewing process and Arcadia’s offerings. The amateur beer consumer need not fear an unfamiliar tap list. Beverage savvy servers will be able to steer them in the direction of their perfect pint.

Retractable garage doors will allow outdoor and indoor spaces to merge, adding to the communal feeling of the space. Reclaimed wood will be used in the construction of the bar and beer tables and repurposed metal piping will construct light fixtures and hardware.

Arcadia management has taken steps towards minimizing the environmental impact of the new building. Extensive research has gone into minimizing water waste, creatively using spent grain waste, and locally sourcing many food items. The proximity of Arcadia West to 400 feet of Kalamazoo river front will allow easy access by canoe, kayak, and bike – complete with portals for each. The beer garden will serve as a prime location for outdoor seating complete with river-front views, and pet-friendly sections.

The new facility will give Arcadia West the initial production capacity to make 30,000 barrels per year. Arcadia West is on track to open in April, 2014.