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Arcadia Ales is pleased to announce that we will have the honor of bringing a British-inspired cask ale to the 50th Maris OtterFestival from September 17-19, 2015.  
It’s not often that a grain makes history. However, with the help of Michigan’s Arcadia Ales, Maris Otter barley will be at the centre of an international celebration taking place this year. 

The Maris Otter 50 Beer Festival in September 2015 will mark the buy cialis with paypal extraordinary success of this malting barley - revered among ale brewers as the Rolls Royce of diagnosis brewing malts. The Festival, the first ever to focus on a particular malt, will feature 50 new cask ales from across the country and the world.  

H Banham, along with David & Rachel Holliday from The Norfolk Brewhouse, have organized the Maris Otter 50th Beer Festival showcasing brewers from across Britain, as well as some international brewers. Arcadia Ales will be the only brewery from the United States that has been asked to participate in this event. We are very honored to newsletter levitra mg say the cheap prescription cialis least!  Our very own Dave Sippel, the Director of Brewing Operations, will be attending this festival and representing Arcadia Ales. We couldn't be more proud!

If you happen to be in merry ol' England from September 17th to 19th, we strongly advise you to go to this festival

What is Maris Otter?
In short - the finest malt from the British Isles. Maris Otter is an English 2-row varietal barley introduced in 1966 that was developed specifically to produce high quality malt for the production of ale.  For more information, visit the H Banham Ltd & Maris Otter 50 website here.